The tavern initially opened as a small refreshment point inside Monza Park along the wall bordering the municipality of Villasanta.

A small slice of heaven, surrounded by the park’s natural greenery and featuring a small canal where fish, ducks and herons steal the show.

It all began in November 2013, when Antonio, Gabriella and Roberto took over the tavern’s management after many years of experience in the industry. After a short run-in period to better understand how the restaurant needed to be run, the venue was adapted to suit the needs of the many customers that flock to Monza Park on the weekends.

Experience and organisational skills were the key factors to their success. Antonio, a chef with proven experience, was responsible for the small kitchen, preparing simple and traditional meals. Gabriella looked after the home-made cakes and desserts, while Roberto kept the wine cellar up to date and looked after table service.

Giardino al parco di Monza